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Tiger Lily: dim sum


ate 早茶 (zao cha) aka dim sum w/ my mom today


  1. 包子 (bao zi) aka steamed buns w/ meat or veggie fillings
  2. 鸡爪 (ji zua) aka chicken feet
  3. 蛋挞 (dan ta) aka egg custards
  4. 牛百叶 (niu bai ye) aka tripe
  5. 虾肠粉 (xia chang fen) aka rice noodle rolls w/ shrimp

dim sum is a breakfast/brunch meal,…

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Archaeological News: “Frankenstein” Bog Mummies Discovered in Scotland


In a “eureka” moment worthy of Dr. Frankenstein, scientists have discovered that two 3,000-year-old Scottish “bog bodies” are actually made from the remains of six people.

According to new isotopic dating and DNA experiments, the mummies—a male and a female—were assembled from various body…

mr no- good: Things I Learned While Cleaning Bones.



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made into a lovely read-more by yours truly, as it was a bit long, but if you are among any of the people who have ever had an interest in taxidermy, paganism, or other things involving the dead, i would certainly read this! i personally find the whole business…